Event Date: 28th February 2022

About the Webinar:

In this webinar, the presenter Ajay Pinjani advocates for the need, challenges and possibilities of making schooling / education available for students in their most familiar language (mother tongue), especially in their primary years. Then gradually transitioning to less familiar language and content in order to optimize social, cognitive and academic utility.

About the Speaker:

Ajay Pinjani leads a language-driven research project studying benefits of mother tongue and multilingualism in a child’s educational journey. He has been actively associated with the education landscape of Pakistan holding diverse portfolios and leadership positions. The driving question Ajay focuses on is strengthening of quality education especially in the schooling years, navigating ways to ensure the benefits of education do not discriminate against children across diverse sets of endowments and entitlements.

Founder of Ek Nuqta, an educational consultancy, Ajay is an Acumen Fellow, a program designed to connect and cultivate a pipeline of social change makers who are committed to tackling poverty and injustice in their communities. He holds a master’s in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India. He loves curating a curious and observant culture of learning where perspectives are shared, challenged and directed. Ajay expresses his educational experiences here.