Event Date: 7th September 2021


As our daily teaching schedule and all that involves takes up so much of our time and energy, we don’t often have the chance to think about ‘what else’ we could be doing. We tend to stick to certain routines and sometimes don’t take advantage of possibilities to stretch ourselves or take on challenges in other areas. This talk will explore the implications of this regarding our teaching styles, methods we are accustomed to using, the types of classes we usually teach, the technology we are comfortable with and a variety of choices available to us as ELT professionals outside the classroom. Some of the reasons we keep doing what we have always done will be discussed providing a basis for us to work together and come up with ways for us to ‘Grow As a Teacher‘.

About the Speaker:

Marjorie Rosenberg has been working in the tertiary sector, in adult education and with teachers since 1981 when she moved from New York City to Graz, Austria. She is an active presenter and has given plenaries and workshops around the globe. Her publications include a number of course books for schools, business English course books, exam materials and several methodology books. Marjorie served as chair of Teachers of English in Austria, coordinator of IATEFL Business English Special Interest Group and as IATEFL president.