Event Date: 27th January 2024


When we think of artists, we usually think of painters, musicians, or actors, we do not think of teachers. However, teaching well requires every bit as much skill as these other professions.

The presenter of this session is a professional teacher and also a professional actor with broad experience of working on stage and film. He looks at some of the ways that the professional entertainment industry works and how ideas taken from the world of entertainment can be applied to the world of Education.

First, he looks at how entertaining activities can be used to enhance individual lessons. Then, he looks at how an understanding of performance skills and dramatic principles can help a teacher to plan a lesson or even a course. Finally, he looks at teaching as a skill and how it compares to the skill employed by other artists. This leads to the conclusion that teaching is indeed an art form.

About the Speaker:

David Fisher is the founder and director of The Bear Educational Theatre in Prague, the longest-running English theatre in the region. He has worked as an English teacher and teacher-trainer. He is also a professional actor with over fifty professional theatre and film credits. David specializes in taking practices from the world of entertainment and applying them to classroom teaching. He believes that teaching is more effective if it is entertaining.