Event Date: 8th December 2023


Teacher wellbeing has finally been receiving increased recognition for its importance in effective teaching and learning; a process accelerated due to the experiences and after-effects of the pandemic. In this talk, we unpack the notion of wellbeing and explain how it forms the foundations of good practice. We consider various factors affecting teacher wellbeing and how these factors vary with years of teaching experience and across different life phases. The main focus of the talk is on examining how sustainable, meaningful professional development opportunities can strengthen and boost language teacher wellbeing, also critically considering the many caveats around this notion. The talk concludes with practical considerations for teachers, leadership, and policy makers on how to create a work environment that proactively nurtures staff wellbeing.

About the Speaker:

Sarah Mercer is Professor of Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Graz, Austria, where she is Head of ELT methodology. Her research interests include all aspects of the psychology surrounding the foreign language learning experience. She is the author, co-author and co-editor of several books in this area. She has served as Principal Investigator on several funded research projects, has worked on the editorial board of various journals, was co-editor of System for several years, is co-editor of Multilingual Matters’ Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching book series, is currently vice-president of IAPLL, and is ambassador for IATEFL.