Event Date: 13th December 2021


Creative writing is one of the best ways for students to develop their writing and critical thinking skills. Studies have shown that English language learners at all levels benefit greatly from creative writing and find it a natural and effective way to improve specific writing techniques and enhance both their general and academic writing skills. The purpose of this cutting-edge workshop is to show how creative writing techniques and activities can help instructors teach writing more compassionately and effectively while simultaneously helping their students become better thinkers and writers. The presenter begins by briefly discussing the benefits of creative writing. Next, he walks the participants through several engaging creative writing activities he has developed that his students have found to be extremely helpful in enhancing their overall writing skills. In addition to practicing each activity, participants are encouraged to reflect on how these activities can be adapted to their specific contexts and levels.

About the Speaker:

Dieter Bruhn is a dynamic and passionate trainer, educator, leader, entrepreneur, and cross-cultural expert with more than 25 years of international training experience. He is President and Founder of One World Training, a global training organization located in Boulder, Colorado, in the U.S., and he is currently doing a long-term project as an English Language Specialist through the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam. Throughout his career, Dieter has designed, created, delivered, and managed innovative educational and corporate training programs all over the world, and he has helped thousands of teachers and other professionals improve their performance. In addition to running global training programs, Dieter has given dozens of presentations at conferences in the U.S. and abroad, including the closing plenary presentation at the Cambodia TESOL Convention. An active member of the teaching profession, Dieter has served on Executive Board of Colorado TESOL since 2015, including two terms as President, and he has helped lead the organization to becoming one of the strongest TESOL affiliates in the U.S.