Event Date: 20th April 2024


Project Based Learning engages students in a learning process that promotes not only the knowledge of the language but also allows students to develop competences that they will later need in life. It ensures that the students will be able to do something with the language rather than just to know about the language.

This teaching method provides a real, challenging and engaging environment for students that learn a second language. Students are encouraged to overcome a challenge that can only be achieved if they master the skills the teacher targets when developing the project.

In this webinar, you will learn about Project Based Learning (PBL) and how it can be successfully incorporated into your ESL classroom. We will explore stages of Project Based Learning, learn strategies to include students’ voices into the project design and understand the importance of the three scaffolding layers when teaching English through PBL. You will experience strategies that are realistic and “real” authentic and attainable and most of all awesome.

About the Speaker:

Maria Laura Mas holds an English Language Teaching degree from ENSAC, Cordoba. Argentina as well as a CELTA certification from University ofCambridge, UK. She has trained teachers on PBL applied to language learning (EVO 2019) as well as researched and trained on visual thinking and mixed- ability classrooms. She is currently an ESL Teacher in high school and university and Teacher Trainer.