Event Date: 30th October 2023


Research has taken a relevant role in language teachers´ trajectories. Specifically, Action Research (AR) as it offers novice researchers a clear direction and purpose and it might have an immediate impact on teaching. AR seems to be appropriate for ELT contexts as it allows teachers to identify a problem in their specific contexts, plan, implement, observe, and reflect on the experience and then, re-plan for further implementation. However, introducing teachers into AR involves guidance, accompaniment, and scaffolding in different levels: field knowledge, teaching practice and affective elements that may impact positively on teachers‘ initial steps in doing research. This way, AR might become a useful research tool and it is also a demanding one for inexperienced researchers.

During this session, we go through the cycle of AR, its benefits and challenges and some examples of mentoring AR are presented. Hopefully, by the end of the session, attendees will have a clear idea of how to start mentoring teachers to explore and carry out AR in their own contexts.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Araceli Salas has a PhD in Language Science and an M.A. in ELT. Dr. Salas is a professor/researcher at BUAP, México and the coordinator of a postgraduate program. Dr. Salas serves as the editor-in-chief of Lenguas en Contexto (BUAP) and an associate-editor of the MEXTESOL Journal. Her research interests include teacher-education, Discourse Analysis and Leadership.