Event Date: 30th March 2024


Integral and Formative Assessment in the field of English language teaching (ELT), has an essential role in changing the evaluation culture, fostering authentic acquisition. This webinar revises the key concepts of formative assessment and explores the possibilities of thinking it as integral and connected to all aspects of human growth. Furthermore, this webinar will highlight the role of embedded strategies to enhance ELT practices, which may furnish teachers with actual tools to put into practice in their very classes.

About the Speaker:

Dr. María Vergara Aibar from Argentina, South America is a passionate teacher, researcher and teacher trainer with experience of more than 30 years with students of all ages. She holds a Master of Arts in Education and Professional Development degree from the University of East Anglia (United Kingdom); and a Doctorate in Human Sciences with mention in Education (UNCa, Argentina). She specializes in Education and the ICT, Rural-context Schools, Didactics (TEFL), Qualitative Research and other topics within the field of the Humanities.