Event Date: 28th May 2022


In this professional development webinar, we discuss how the generational differences between teachers and students play out in the classroom as well as learn specific tools that we can utilize to increase the motivation level of our students to empower them for personal and academic growth.

The questions that will be answered are: What influences Gen Z and constitutes their core beliefs and communication philosophy? Roadblocks of Gen Z? What will you come up against? How do you motivate them? What adaptations could we make?

About the Speaker:

Knikki Hernandez is the author of the book “Empowering Gen Z: Practical Lessons to Take Students From Z to A++” and a high school Spanish teacher in Central Virginia. She specializes in assisting others in navigating the dynamic and complex educational landscape through training on communication between Gen X, Y, & Z, reading & writing, and cultural competency.

Additionally, as the CEO & creator of Turning The Tide Teachables, she is responsible for providing access to the most cutting edge and efficient tools for her teacher clients to utilize to create stable and positive classroom cultures.

She is a powerful force in the educational world and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to provide clarity to others in terms of how they can become the best version of themselves and connect despite the generational differences.