Event Date: 18th June 2022


Infographics have become an invaluable source of easy to read and access visual information for the internet. They have the ability to easily communicate quite dense and complex information without creating reader fatigue.

In this session, the presenter Nik Peachey looks at a range of tasks and activities that we can use to exploit visual information and help students to improve their digital and information literacies whilst developing their language and communication skills.

The session also include a range of ready to use examples. By the end of the session, you should be able to develop your own materials for your students using these tasks and resources.

He also shares an app that he’s developed for teachers to help them develop their own teaching knowledge using infographics.

About the Speaker:

Nik Peachey is Director of Pedagogy at PeacheyPublications an independent digital publishing company that specialises in the design of digital learning materials.

He has been involved in Education since 1990 as a teacher, trainer, educational consultant and project manager. He has more than 25 years experience of working specifically with online, remote and blended learning environments.

He has worked all over the world training teachers and developing innovative and creative products. He is a two-time British Council Innovations award winner and has been shortlisted six times.

His customers include British Council, Eton College/EtonX, Open University, Google Creative Labs, OUP, CUP, Macmillan and International House.

His books include Team Building Activities for the Remote Classroom, Digital Tools for Teachers and Hacking Creativity.

You can find out more about what he shares at Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram.