Event Date: 26th February 2024


This session investigates the effective utilization of spaced repetition to elevate English language proficiency. The session showcases actionable classroom techniques, illustrating how spaced repetition fosters long-term vocabulary retention, deepens grammar understanding, and cultivates fluent communication skills, facilitating accelerated language acquisition.

Spaced repetition, a cognitive science-based technique, involves strategically spacing out review sessions over increasing intervals of time. This method capitalizes on the psychological principle of spaced retrieval, which has been proven to enhance long-term memory retention. By systematically exposing learners to targeted language content at precisely timed intervals, educators can facilitate more effective encoding of information into long-term memory.

In the classroom, educators can integrate spaced repetition through various means, including targeted language drills. By incorporating spaced repetition into daily lessons, teachers can create a structured learning environment that promotes consistent and meaningful engagement with language material.

Furthermore, spaced repetition allows for personalized learning experiences, as educators can tailor review sessions to individual students’ needs and proficiency levels. This adaptive approach ensures that learners receive targeted reinforcement in areas where they require additional practice, thereby maximizing the efficacy of their language learning journey.

Through the implementation of spaced repetition techniques, educators can transform traditional language instruction into a dynamic and adaptive process that empowers students to achieve greater levels of fluency and proficiency in English. By strategically spacing out review sessions and providing targeted reinforcement, educators can unlock the full potential of their students, equipping them with the linguistic skills needed to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

About the Speaker:

Monica Baker is the past president of New York State TESOL. She is currently the chair of the TESOL International Membership Professional Council, where she hosts monthly live sessions called TESOL Live: Connect Around the World. Monica has taught English language skills to students in New York public schools for 20 years.