Event Date: 21st August 2021


In this webinar, Prof. Kenan Dikilitas focuses on teacher research engagement in the field of ELT, seeking insights into professional learning and identity development. He discusses the need for a deeper examination of practical classroom issues to reveal the areas of teaching that are relatively unexplored. This is critical to identity development in context, and essential to supporting the type of social interaction between teachers and students that has the potential to strengthen contextually situated identity learning. Teacher research can also lead to transparent and self-critical reflection, thus help nurture identity via teachers’ and students’ mutual self-discovery by reflecting on issues, questions, puzzles for improvement. The session also provides some practical strategies to assist teachers and students alike to develop a mutually beneficial relationship, as well as supporting each individual’s own identity development.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Kenan Dikilitas is a Professor of University Pedagogy at the University of Stavanger in Norway. He has published articles and edited books on teacher research as a professional development strategy. He has also conducted teacher research projects and has given hands-on workshops on how to do educational research across Turkey and overseas. His teacher training experience primarily includes supporting teacher research for professional development. Kenan’s research interests include teacher education, mentoring and investigating action research, as well as in-service teacher development in various contexts.