Event Date: 21st April 2022


Around the world there are many classrooms with no technology – no computers, no copying, even no books. The pandemic has introduced us to its opposite: technology with no classrooms.

These opposed situations share a lot of similarities. The problem common to both is: how can teachers overcome the constraints of the situation to teach in a way they feel is best ELT practice.

In this webinar, we explore this area and show that, paradoxically, these constraints can lead to creative and novel activities for language teaching.

About the Speakers:

Jill Hadfield has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer in Britain, France, China, Tibet, Madagascar and New Zealand, run short courses and seminars for teachers in many other parts of the world. She has written over forty books for teachers, including the Communication Games series, Classroom Dynamics and the Oxford Basics series. These have been translated into a total of 17 languages. Her book Interaction Online , co-authored with Lindsay Clandfield, was short-listed for both the Ben Warren Prize and the ELTons Awards for Innovation in Teacher Resources. Her latest book, Live Online Teaching, co-authored with Lindsay Clandfield, was published last year.

Lindsay Clandfield is an award-winning writer, teacher, teacher trainer and international speaker in the field of English language teaching. He has written more than ten coursebooks for language learners and is the co-author of various methodology books for teachers. His newest book, published in 2021, is Live Online Teaching, co-written with Jill Hadfield and published by Pavilion. You can find out more about him at his website www.lindsayclandfield.com.