Event Date: 14th September 2021


Many teacher researchers and novice researchers may have a general idea of a topic they would like to research, but have a difficult time settling on a more specific topic and its associated research questions. In this presentation, Prof. Gary Barkhuizen suggests ways to assist researchers identify a topic relevant to their interests and contexts. The focus is specifically on qualitative and narrative research but could easily apply to other types of research as well. Besides choosing a topic, Prof. Gary discusses other dilemmas faced by qualitative and narrative researchers, including teachers researching in their own classrooms, such as how many participants to choose, the significance of a researcher identity, and the importance of implications; most importantly, he offers some solutions. 

About the Speaker:

Prof. Gary Barkhuizen (pronounced Bark-hazen, or Bark-hausen) is professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of language teacher education, teacher and learner identity, study abroad, and narrative inquiry. He has taught English at high school in South Africa, at college-level in the United States, and has been involved in teacher education for over 20 years in New Zealand.

He has written and edited a number of books in his areas of interest. His most recent is ‘Language Teacher Educator Identity‘, published by Cambridge University Press (2021). His 2020 book, ‘Communicating Identities‘ (with Pat Strauss, Routledge) is a shortlisted finalist in the 2021 British Council ELTons Innovations in Language Teaching Awards.