Call for Proposals

Requesting Proposals for Teacher Development Webinars

Dear Teachers & Educators,

We are looking for Teachers, Educators, Teacher Trainers and Researchers who would be interested in presenting at Teacher Development Webinars.

Teacher Development Webinars is a Social Action Project (SAP) to support teachers with professional development opportunities. This initiative is an effort to provide a platform to teachers and educators around that world to cascade their knowledge and expertise.

Topic themes for Teacher Development Webinars include but are not limited to teacher education and professional development, digital literacies/language learning and technology, programme management and leadership development, intercultural communication and global competencies, pluralism, translanguaging and multilingual education, World Englishes/English as a Lingua Franca, language planning and language policy, methodologies and teaching approaches, curriculum, syllabus design and materials development, assessment and evaluation, discourse/genre analysis, creativity and critical literacies, teaching young learners, research, pedagogy, publishing, teacher motivation, teacher wellbeing and teachers’ life balance or any other topic that is relevant in this context.

If you are interested in presenting, please fill the form below. Only shortlisted participants will be contacted for further details.

If you have questions, write to or WhatsApp @ +92 343 5501727.