Event Date: 29th January 2022


In this webinar, the presenter Kitty Purgason presents how teachers can use a text (which might be a few paragraphs in a required textbook but might also be authentic readings) in ways that go beyond teacher explanation to engage students in the learning process. She starts with pre-reading schema activation, include vocabulary and grammar exploration, move to comprehension questions, and end with post-reading creative and critical thinking. Each activity is explained with options for lower and higher level students in the same class, and with options for in-person and online learning.

About the Speaker:

Kitty Barnhouse Purgason is professor emerita of TESOL at Biola University. She has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from UCLA. She has lived, studied, served, or taught in India, Russia, Korea, China, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Mauritania, Indonesia, Kuwait, Oman, Vietnam, Spain, and Tajikistan. She is a three-time Fulbright fellow and a U.S. State Department English Language Specialist.