Event Date: 1st February 2022


Like many teachers, John Hughes started creating his own materials almost as soon as he started teaching thirty years ago. He tried writing his own quizzes, making worksheets for students, and creating classroom questionnaires. But it meant that sometimes he spent more time preparing lessons than teaching them and they didn’t always work! Looking back, he wishes he’d known the answers to questions such as: How do I know if a worksheet will work or fail? Why aren’t my instructions clear? How do I check the level of my texts? Can my images motivate students more? How can I personalize the material? In this webinar, John answers these questions and share some of the secrets of writing ELT materials.

About the Speaker:

John Hughes (DTEFLA, MA) is an award-winning ELT author, trainer, and presenter. His course book series include ‘Life’, ‘World English’ and ‘World Link’ (National Geographic Learning) and ‘Business Result’ (Oxford University Press). He’s also the co-author of ‘Critical Thinking in ELT’ and the series editor of the ‘ETpedia’ Teacher Resource series (Pavilion ELT). As a teacher trainer, he has lectured on courses at Oxford University and trained teachers from around the world. His website is www.johnhugheselt.com.