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16th December 2021

Global English Teacher Education: Looking Inward, Around and Looking Forward

The momentum of development of Global Englishes (GE) has urged language and content teachers to incorporate such notion into classroom teaching. Without certain background knowledge for pre-service teacher training, although teachers have heard of the notion and are willing to implement Global Englishes language teaching (GELT), they do not know how to do so…

9th December 2021

Rethinking Supervision and Observation for Teacher Development

Why do we invest in teacher observation and feedback? How might supervision be part of teacher empowerment and skill building? Observation and feedback are components of teacher professional development the world over, yet their complex nature requires sensitivity and flexibility to be truly growth-oriented and not only evaluative…

13th December 2021

Success with Creative Writing

Creative writing is one of the best ways for students to develop their writing and critical thinking skills. Studies have shown that English language learners at all levels benefit greatly from creative writing and find it a natural and effective way to improve specific writing techniques and enhance both their general and academic writing skills…

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Sir Ken Robinson

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