After 70 Years of Generative Grammar: A Personal Perspective by Noam Chomsky

This session is organised by TESOL Tampico Talks in collaboration with Teacher Development Webinars.

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Teacher Development Webinars is a project to support teachers and educators with professional growth opportunities through online teacher professional development webinars. It is an initiative using the rise in online professional development (PD) to connect people around the globe with opportunities they might not have come forth due to the traditional face-to-face conferences and seminars.
This project has gone global and has been recognised worldwide and we are now a community of more than 20K members on our official ‘Teacher Development Webinars’ Facebook group. It has also been included in Active Citizens Annual Report 2020-21.


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Teaching Is An Art Form

Presented by: David Fisher

Founder & Director,

The Bear Educational Theatre 

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When we think of artists, we usually think of painters, musicians, or actors, we do not think of teachers. However, teaching well requires every bit as much skill as these other professions.

The presenter of this session is a professional teacher and also a professional actor with broad experience of working on stage and film. He looks at some of the ways that the professional entertainment industry works and how ideas taken from the world of entertainment can be applied to the world of Education.

First, he looks at how entertaining activities can be used to enhance individual lessons. Then, he looks at how an understanding of performance skills and dramatic principles can help a teacher to plan a lesson or even a course. Finally, he looks at teaching as a skill and how it compares to the skill employed by other artists. This leads to the conclusion that teaching is indeed an art form.




Enhancing English Proficiency through Spaced Repetition: Practical Classroom Strategies

Presented by: Monica Baker 

Past President, New York State TESOL 

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is session investigates the effective utilization of spaced repetition to elevate English language proficiency. The session will showcase actionable classroom techniques, illustrating how spaced repetition fosters long-term vocabulary retention, deepens grammar understanding, and cultivates fluent communication skills, facilitating accelerated language acquisition.

Spaced repetition, a cognitive science-based technique, involves strategically spacing out review sessions over increasing intervals of time. This method capitalizes on the psychological principle of spaced retrieval, which has been proven to enhance long-term memory retention. By systematically exposing learners to targeted language content at precisely timed intervals, educators can facilitate more effective encoding of information into long-term memory. 

In the classroom, educators can integrate spaced repetition through various means, including targeted language drills. By incorporating spaced repetition into daily lessons, teachers can create a structured learning environment that promotes consistent and meaningful engagement with language material.

Furthermore, spaced repetition allows for personalized learning experiences, as educators can tailor review sessions to individual students’ needs and proficiency levels. This adaptive approach ensures that learners receive targeted reinforcement in areas where they require additional practice, thereby maximizing the efficacy of their language learning journey.

Through the implementation of spaced repetition techniques, educators can transform traditional language instruction into a dynamic and adaptive process that empowers students to achieve greater levels of fluency and proficiency in English. By strategically spacing out review sessions and providing targeted reinforcement, educators can unlock the full potential of their students, equipping them with the linguistic skills needed to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.



Integral and Formative Assessment in ELT: Steps to Success

Presented by: Dr. María Vergara Aibar

Researcher/ Teacher Trainer

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ntegral and Formative Assessment in the field of English language teaching (ELT),

has an essential role in changing the evaluation culture, fostering authentic

acquisition. This webinar revises the key concepts of formative assessment and

explores the possibilities of thinking it as integral and connected to all aspects of

human growth. Furthermore, this webinar will highlight the role of embedded

strategies to enhance ELT practices, which may furnish teachers with actual tools to

put into practice in their very classes.



PBL in the ESL Classes: How to Turn Ideas into Engaging Projects

Presented by: Maria Laura Mas

ESL Teacher/Teacher Trainer 

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The Project Based Learning engages students in a learning process that promotes not only the knowledge of the language but also allows students to develop competences that they will later need in life. It ensures that the students will be able to do something with the language rather than just to know about the language.

This teaching method provides a real, challenging and engaging environment for students that learn a second language. Students are encouraged to overcome a challenge that can only be achieved if they master the skills the teacher targets when developing the project.

In this webinar, you will learn about Project Based Learning (PBL) and how it can be successfully incorporated into your ESL classroom. We will explore stages of Project Based Learning, learn strategies to include students’ voices into the project design and understand the importance of the three scaffolding layers when teaching English through PBL. You will experience strategies that are realistic and “real” authentic and attainable and most of all awesome.



Teaching Mixed-Ability Classes

Presented by: Penny Ur

Renowned ELT Author

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In this talk I will begin by attempting to define what is meant by a ‘mixed ability’ or ‘heterogeneous’ class, and then go on to list some of the main problems – but also the advantages! – that we encounter when trying to teach them. I shall then propose and discuss a series of practical teaching principles, illustrated by classroom procedures, that involve very little (or no) extra preparation, that can make our job teaching mixed-ability classes easier, and that go some way towards bringing about more effective learning.




Teacher Wellbeing and Professional Development

Presented by: Prof. Sarah Mercer

 Professor, University of Graz, Austria 

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Teacher wellbeing has finally been receiving increased recognition for its importance in effective teaching and learning; a process accelerated due to the experiences and after-effects of the pandemic. In this talk, we unpack the notion of wellbeing and explain how it forms the foundations of good practice. We consider various factors affecting teacher wellbeing and how these factors vary with years of teaching experience and across different life phases. The main focus of the talk is on examining how sustainable, meaningful professional development opportunities can strengthen and boost language teacher wellbeing, also critically considering the many caveats around this notion. The talk concludes with practical considerations for teachers, leadership, and policy makers on how to create a work environment that proactively nurtures staff wellbeing. 

 We Cover

Our webinars cover a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to teacher education and professional development, digital literacies/language learning and technology, programme management and leadership development, intercultural communication and global competencies, pluralism, translanguaging and multilingual education, linguistic human rights, World Englishes/English as a Lingua Franca, language planning and language policy, methodologies and teaching approaches, curriculum, syllabus design and materials development, assessment and evaluation, learner autonomy, discourse/genre analysis, creativity and critical literacies, research and publishing, teaching young learners and teacher wellbeing. They also include teaching tips for making classrooms more engaging, inclusive and enjoyable for both instructors and students.


I had the pleasure of being asked to give a webinar as part of the Teacher Development Webinars project, which took advantage of the rise of online professional development, to provide high quality sessions to practitioners who ordinarily may not have had access to such PD face-to-face. It is an honour for me to be included among such luminaries in the field, and to contribute to such a well-organized and worthy project.

Dr. Mick King

Community College of Qatar

Teacher Development Webinars is an impressive initiative. It offers teachers worldwide unique opportunities to engage with their own professional development interests and to participate in presentations by some of the most internationally well-known presenters. I only wish this kind of opportunity had been available to me when I began my teaching career.

Professor Anne Burns

Curtin University, Perth, Australia

TDW is an unprecedented platform in the Pakistani context. Since its inception is doing excellent job to bring expert voices, skills and experiences on teacher education and applied linguistics from all across the world for the benefit of in-service and pre-service teachers.

Dr. Sumera Umrani

Associate Professor, IELL, University of Sindh

Teacher Development Webinars is indeed a unique platform for profound knowledge sharing and dessimination. The selection of the speakers at each webinar, their expertise in research and experience in teaching and speaking on different topics, is remarkable. This has all been made possible by the excellent organizational skill of the TDWebinars organizers and most especially, it’s coordinator Amanullah. Think of an exceptional research, teaching and professional development platform as a teacher, scholar, student, educator, researcher etc. think of TDWebinars.

Eric A. Ambele, Ph.D.

Mahasarakham University, Thailand

I highly recommend The Teacher Development Webinars to teachers all around the world. Its host and organizer, Amanullah Saand, has created a high-standard global platform for cordial conversation and up-to-date knowledge sharing. I encourage teachers to join these free webinars; they will not regret it.

Luis Javier Pentón Herrera, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Warsaw

More than ever, educators from around the world need consistent access to good quality online professional development. The webinars offered by Teacher Development Webinars meet that need. Whether an educator is new to the profession or an experienced educator who wants to refresh or upgrade their skills, these webinars cover a wide range of content to fit a variety of teacher and educator interests and needs.

Lynn W. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita of Education, Purdue University, Indiana, USA


Amanullah Saand hails from a small village ‘Hashim Saand’ in District Matiari, Sindh, Pakistan and is a MPhil scholar at University of Sindh having graduated from the same university majoring in Linguistics. Amanullah has been an Active Citizen since 2017 and has contributed much in the realm of teacher-training, consultancy and education. 

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